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Life Is So Fragile.

Little Lady goes to a Spanish class where I have gotten to know some of the other mum’s quite well whilst she is having her lesson.

I just received an email, that the Mum of one of her classmates died of a brain haemorrhage on Friday. She leaves a daughter¬†the same age as mine and a partner. This mum and I talked together every week and she¬†gave me some wonderful advice for my little girl’s future and lots of advice in general – call it words to the wise. I can’t believe she’s gone. We sat and talked last week and I fully intended to speak to her again at the next lesson.

Why wouldn’t I? This woman was attractive, intelligent, interesting, funny, kind, informative, friendly, and seemingly very healthy. A second mum to all of our children. More fool me! Don’t take the next second for granted, it isn’t guaranteed.

In tears, rest in peace my friend.

K xxx,

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