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The needs will still be there!

On the way back from school run chatted with a friend who starts a new job next week. She was saying how she needs new make-up, shoes and outfits before starting, especially having been out of the workplace for so long.

Here’s the rub though – with what money? First, she hasn’t been paid yet, no surprise really as she hasn’t started work! Secondly THE MONEY IS NEEDED FOR OTHER THINGS! Note the word need. House repairs, children’s needs, furnishings etc. All the things that the family had to do without so that Mum could be there when the children were home from school.

The fact is though that the needs will still be there. Always! At the end of your life you will still have needs. So go out, buy the make-up, nice lunch, trip to the theatre or whatever it is that floats your boat. Don’t go into debt over it (or at least have a workable plan for repaying it!) but keep a sense of proportion. Salary ain’t just for the bills! Enjoy.

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