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Balance Is A Wonderful Thing!

the sparkAs you know, I am in the middle of reading this book right now. It’s Superb! Kristine Barnett is Superb. So often as I read I have the biggest smile on my face and tears at the back of my eyes. Those of you who have been reading this blog for long enough know the lifelong path that we started on once we met Autism and its spectrum so to see what someone else on the same journey, further along than us, has been able to achieve has been wonderful. As usual, child or relative on the spectrum or not, I absolutely recommend that you read the story of Jake, his Mum and his family!

I could have ended the post right there, but I haven’t got to my reason for posting yet! Something truly shocking happens about halfway through the book. Well two things actually and to hear Kristine’s version of them, you see that she is genuinely surprised at their occurrence. Needless to say, she cracks on and sorts them out like the trooper she is, and I presume will always be, and the story will go on. Kristine Barnett is an amazing woman and her husband an equally amazing man, but even phenomenal people need to know their limits.

You cannot work all the hours that God sends running a nursery/daycare business, have a child with Autism, have another child with a life threatening condition, go on to set up a charity for lots of children with Autism to get them into Reception/Kindergarten and then have a third child, whilst keeping all of the above going. Underlying condition or not, something is going to give and my first bet would have always been her health. For your Other Half to then have to pick up all those reins, plus keep his own job going with new and unwelcome challenges being presented there, I would have bet that his health would be next. I will need to keep reading to find out what happens next, but I am absolutely sure that the fantastic family that they are, all will be well.

If you are like the Barnetts, achieve the outstanding and amazing, but look after yourself too. Rest, take breaks, relax and try not to overdo it. Yes hon, you are one of those of which I write! Balance is a wonderful thing. As is your health!



When It Comes To Your Health – Don’t Play!

“But I don’t want to seem neurotic…” a.  friend shared as to why she was reluctant to return to an unsympathetic doctor about yet another, probably related symptom. Being the gentle soul that she is, and the not-known-for-keeping-my-mouth-shut type that I am, I didn’t want to scare her. When it comes to your health though, DON’T PLAY! I couldn’t care less what the doctor thinks of her or me, something is not right with her body. I hope and pray that it is just stress, but even that has long term consequences if not addressed. More likely it is something neurological, possibly serious and her doctor needs to be sending her for every test available to get to the bottom of it. Until then they should not rest and neither should she. Whether she shouts it from the roof tops or quietly turns up on a regular basis until they get sick of the sight of her is irrelevant, the point is that my friend must not give up until something is done.

My sister – the most wonderful storyteller I know, told me about a woman who needed an operation http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/2700364/Patient-refuses-to-leave-hospital-after-operation-cancelled.html. It had been cancelled so many times it was untrue, until eventually this woman had enough. When having been admitted to the hospital again, only for said surgery to be cancelled again, this woman refused to leave her bed and said that she wasn’t going anywhere until she’d had her surgery. Don’t you just love people like that? The surgeon took pity on her story and operated, whilst at the same time making clear to the newspapers that this would be a one off act of kindness and that it did not set a hospital precedent! I DON’T CARE! The woman got her surgery. To my friend and to you all, whatever it is that you medically need, make sure you that you get it.

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