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The Grass Is Not Always Greener…

Another shock this week that all is not well with a friend’s relationship behind closed doors. This is not the first case of being enlightened about the truth of what is going on behind the scenes with a friend and I am certain that it won’t be the last. Perhaps because I ask ‘meaningful’ questions, or because of my love of self help, people think I will be able to help and they make me become a party to a lot of information that, for the circles I run in, could make your hair curl!

Credit to them for sharing and keeping it real. Thankfully a lot of the time I am able to help, or at least my book collection is! It is just a reminder though, that most of us, intentionally or not, will seem one way when actually, very often things are another way. To you a person might look like they are the most sorted, have the perfect relationship, are minted and doing fabulously at work. In my experience, it is often said person whose relationship is heading for the rocks, lives on a permanent overdraft that is not about to be paid off anytime soon, has had verbal warnings at work  and is on the verge of a nervous breakdown!

How would you know this though, because to your eyes their  life is going swimmingly? Just remember, the next time that you think your life sucks and that xyz are royally getting on your nerves because life couldn’t be going any better for them… chances are all is not well for them too in some area of their life. That is just life… for us all. Time to build our garden fence a little higher and start watering and composting our own garden, I think. Just don’t ask me how I worked this particular post out!

Me jealous? Envious? Never…


Work To Your Strengths.

Ideal home show

We visited the Ideal Home Exhibition yesterday. I love anything to do with houses, interior and exterior so we tend to visit the show along with several stately homes, castles, palaces or gardens every year.

Having visited a friend over the Easter weekend for lunch, whose home is beautiful and tidy beyond belief, I saw the show differently this year. It finally dawned on me, that you can have the tidy, immaculate, wonderful home, but you had better be prepared to spend a lot of time and money on making it so. Picking up the sheets that accompany the show rooms, you realise how many stores and products have had to have been researched, how carefully the look has been put together and how much money it would take to recreate said look in our house.

My friend was absolutely focused in pulling the look of her house together and is merciless in keeping it that way. To quote my other half when she shared her tips,( e.g. spending hours de-cluttering each week!) he turned to me and said, “Chalk meet cheese, cheese meet chalk”. The cheek!

Of course Other Half is right though. Yes I have a dream of how I would like our house to be. Walled rather than open plan, 2 reception rooms, a properly fitted kitchen and all fitted wardrobes to be gone, gone, gone! Add in newly decorated, newly carpeted and tidy and I am pretty much done. Anything over and above that I shall leave to the experts. Work to your strengths I say. Now Hever Castle or Hampton Court this year? Decisions, decisions – and I don’t mean about choice of wall paper!

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