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Keep It Simple.

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Clarks Children’s Shoes

I dream of living in a clutter free household with everything within it being beautiful or useful. Perhaps very occasionally even sentimental, but certainly all surfaces would be clear and as I surveyed any room it’s appearance would make me feel tranquil.

Right now of course, I could not be further from such a state of affairs. As I look around the room I see shoes, the contents of a changing bag, sheets of paper and various bags strewn across the floor. That is before we get to what is on the furniture, or so help me, what lies within our cupboards! Especially my pet hate, clothes, shoes and toys that the children have grown out of!

What to do? Give them away to charity or sell them because I need the money? Have I really got the time to list them on Ebay though and will it be financially worthwhile for me to do, assuming that said items sell at all?

This was the gist of a conversation with a school run Gran as I walked to work the other day, as she had highlighted a pile of clothes that her grandchildren had grown out of to their mother. What had she done with all of the clothes that her children grew out of when they were younger, I asked, to which she had the following very interesting reply:

  • When her children were little there were few high street shops to buy children’s clothes  and shoes from, such as Ladybird and Clarks and said items were not cheap so you bought fewer of them.
  • People didn’t have access to computers like we do today so their was no selling of items on Ebay, you just passed quality items onto a friend with a younger child of the same sex as yours. In the same way, other friends passed things on to you.
  • Often furniture e.g. cots, prams and other higher ticket items were passed through families, bought as gifts or could be picked up cheaply from an advert in the local shop window or newspaper.

I am never one to think that those of the past had it better or easier, after all, I wasn’t there, but that is not to say that there isn’t still an awful lot we can take as lessons from the past to make our own lives simpler and easier.  I may still Ebay a couple of high end items, but the clothes purchased will be fewer in number and, when finished with, will be passed on to friends!


Resort To Toss.

power of lessI have finally finished Leo’s book and would certainly recommend it. I bought it due to feeling completely overwhelmed by possessions and commitments. Nothing has changed yet regarding either, but with the book’s help I  know where I am going wrong and how to correct my course!

Between the book and my friend with the beautiful and pristine house, I intend to spend Thursday mornings de-cluttering. All the charity bags that get put through my door, for collections – usually at 8am on a Monday morning (why?!) can be filled and stored in the garage, until a request for items comes again or I make some free time to do a charity shop run.

Originally the plan was to sell various items on Ebay. In all honesty, the amount of things I need to get rid of would make that a job in itself though. Between the photographing, writing, working  out the weights and postage costs, all before the listing of each item and eventual postage, I am better giving the things to a charity. You all know that we could do with the money, but you all also know that I need the free time and to stay away from a nervous breakdown even more!

These of course are the items that can happily be used by others. Then there is everything else. All non-essential. Paperwork. Mementos. Advertisements that will come in useful one day when I have money and so on. No, no, no! Now it goes in the bin (garbage or recycling), without  passing go and without collecting £200.

I resort to ‘toss’ and it feels wonderful! Try doing the same and let me know how it goes.

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