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Twist or Stick?

(This links to my previous post about the programme How To Get To Heaven With The Hutterites).

The other lesson that spoke to me was from a young man who I think will at some point leave the community. He talked about the daily life of the Hutterites and how that was enough for them, but how it wasn’t enough for him. He wanted more. Simple really! You look around and find people perfectly happy with their lot in life – their job, car, house, relationship status, number of children and so on and you wonder how they can be at peace.  The answer is that they have what they want. If you want more then you will have to keep going. When the question is asked of you, “Twist or Stick?” another would say, “Stick!” you however, will have to say, “Twist”.


Avert Your Eyes!

Did you see ‘How to get to heaven with the Hutterites’ yesterday on BBC1? http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/b01ngxq7/ If not, there is always i player, but annoyingly only for 7 days! As I always say, there are life lessons everywhere. Two jumped out for me from the programme.  I was watching it for interest rather than information, honest!

The first was something said by the pastor and leader of the community about being tempted by things once you see them. Is that true for you? A long way back when I was studying social psychology as part of my degree I remember coming across cas estudies of how crime had increased exponentially once television was introduced into a community. I am text book. Once I see the sweets, chocolate, cake, magazine, book etc. I will have to have it. Just as well I am not into designer shoes at all.   So yes, the moral is, on the whole avert your eyes to help in resisting temptation. I’m not saying you will, but you know what will help if you want to steer clear of that which is not good for you!

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