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Early To Bed, Early To Rise.

Watched this clip over the weekend and was inspired to get up earlier than usual this morning as there were things to be done! Of course there are always things to be done, it’s just that I don’t usually manage to do them! I set the alarm for 7am even though I know that husband will get up at the same time and have priority over the shower as he has to go to work. Hence I lie in until he gets out of the shower and wakes me with his return to the bedroom! Then I grudgingly crawl to the shower, managing to get myself ready for about 7.45 or 8am only to realise in horror that I have 30 minutes in which to get both the children up, washed, dressed, breakfasted and out to school. Again! Needless to say that it was rare that we made it.

Now I am taking a friend’s child to school as well, there is no room for error. It’s get up and get out. Period. You know what though, I like it.

I just need to work on the early to bed part now!

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