I”m K and I live in London with my husband and 2 children. In a past life I was a primary school teacher and intend to return part-time once T starts full time school in September. I don’t know the first thing about WordPress (despite having a huge book on it – a requested Christmas gift from Uncle A) or blogging, but hey ho, here goes!

Having just spent the best part of the evening/night setting this thing up, you may well wonder why. Well… I love anything to do with self help books, gifts and DVDs and the life lessons that they contain. Call me Aunty K but people are forever sharing life situations with me and usually being the book worm/film buff that I am, there is some book that they should read or movie they should watch as someone has been in that scenario before.

Invariably the response goes one of two ways. 1) instantaneous purchase of said item or library loan or 2) I would love to watch/read said format but I haven’t got the time – hence I tell them what message was contained.

If I had money for every time I did this, I would be doing very nicely now. Hence it is time to put what I know down here, then I can just refer people to the site and save myself shedloads of time!

It would also be great to hear from other self help fans and or those with experience of situations that come up in the posts.

So speak soon.

K  x.


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