A Girl Called Jack.


You have to read this post. Why? Where to start… In my case I came across it from a Mumsnet referral when the writer won an award for her blog. It broke my heart. It made me feel. It made me want to cry and it made me want to give. Where was the paypal button that would have meant I could send money which would make life just a little easier for the writer and her son?

Looking around the blog a little more, time has thankfully made things better for Jack and her boy. She now has steady employment, a book deal, awards to her name and I presume more disposable income. For the place that she has left though there will be so many others just like her. Just not as passionate, vocal or gifted in writing perhaps.

I needed to see this blog to get in touch with some of my emotions again. Working 3 jobs, plus preparation time, my life right now feels chaotic and unbalanced and I am only getting through by switching feelings off and battling on. As heart-breaking as the piece of writing was, it reminds me how much I have to be grateful for, but more importantly it turns my heart back to the plight of others and making things better for them, rather than just making life wonderful for me.

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