All Life Is A Trade Off.

Being a one income household, we could always do with more money. Repairs, things for the kids, things for us, things for others and the home – all compete for our finances and attention. So, having taken on roles such as tutor and nanny recently to help out, you would think that the other half would be happy. After all, we should be able to go on holiday this year.

You would be wrong however! The issue has now become less about me bringing in a second income and more about us sticking within the confines of the one that we have! That brings up a whole different discussion, but why the clarification on his part? CHANGE. My new roles affect him, his time and what he is able to do in our home. The same for me, but I was willing to make the trade off because I 1) enjoyed the work and 2) liked the extra income that should buy us a holiday. Yes all the other things will have to wait as I am choosing sun over repairs!

For hubby though the trade off is not worth it. He would rather have less money and be able to do what he likes, when he likes in his own home. Understandable really as his work is outside of the home making his home a supposed place of refuge. Being at home with the children, any work that enables me to still be there for them is a source of stimulation and monetary worth. After all no 0ne pays you to be a mum.

So how to square the circle? Fortunately for the other half, both roles are temporary. Any that involve working from home in future, such as this blog, won’t affect him and all being well I shall be returning to part-time work outside the home.

New boundaries are now clear and shall be kept within for the future. No you can’t have it all, but you can find ways to have what is important to you. He’ll get his castle back whilst I keep those holidays coming!


4 responses

  1. A perfect compromise. It is a delicate dance, isn’t it?

    1. Thanks Molly B. You are my very first reply. Much appreciated and please keep in touch. K x.

      1. We’re honored to be your first reply. Have a great day.

      2. Thanks Molly B. You too.

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